This summer, patrons of the ever popular Summerfest! produced by Kentucky Conservatory Theatre will take a trip to Neverland alongside Peter, Wendy, John and Michael as they learn to fly, make friends with the Indians and tussle with pirates. Chock full of fighting and without the traditional rigging for flight, I have been called upon to fight direct the show and to consult with the actors on how to create the illusion of flight. Don’t miss your chance to see magic take place right before your eyes and to witness incredible feats of swordplay, shadow puppetry, and deathly high falls during this one of a kind production of the classic children’s story.

You can also spot me treading the boards (of a pirate ship) donned in purple and a wig of familiar curls, lacking a certain appendage. That’s right. In addition to providing fight and flight, I’ll be playing the menacing Capt. James Hook; as well as the hardworking father of the Darling household, Mr. Darling.

The production opens July 5th, 2013 at The Arboretum on the campus of the University of Kentucky and runs through July 15th. Buy your tickets now!

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Photo Credit: Rich Copley, Lexington Herald Leader