Stab Caesar: A Fool with Queens

I was recently asked to participate in yet another Fools & Kings Project – this time at home in my role as fight and movement director for their all female production of Julius Caesar. I’ve been having an incredible time throwing together some onstage battles (typically inferred in the text) with longswords, quarterstaves, some hand to hand and knives for everyone!

And let’s not forget that Caesar has to be killed before he can be buried without praise. The script indicates 33 wounds. Typically, I’m all for overkill, but in this particular instance I think we’ve agreed half that number is harm enough.

It’s been a wonderful experience working with these young ladies, particularly those newcomers to the Fools & Kings Project. Do yourself a favor and grab a seat at one of their many free performances in the city.

Visit the Fools & Kings Project website or Facebook page for more info.