The Lost Colony – Return of “Burning Girl”

Having honed my craft on the stages of outdoor dramas since age 17, I couldn’t be more excited to join the creative team behind the 78th Anniversary Season of the Tony Honored outdoor drama, The Lost Colony.

Years ago, when current director Ira David Wood, III, was performing in the show; there was a character aptly named the “burning girl.” At the time, the stunt was mostly smoke (no mirrors), but still effective in wowing audiences as a woman was set on fire before their very eyes. Now, some 30 years later, I am pleased to be a part of the return of the “burning girl.” The stunt is a bit more complex these days of course, competing with 30 years of anticipation and expectations formed by the film industry and people’s imaginations.

In addition to designing and coordinating the “burning girl” stunt, I have graciously been allowed to assist the fight director, Robert Midgette, in bringing to life the violent struggle that the first English settlers encountered in the New World. I also spent time working with the pyrotechnic department, helping to maintain the current armory and consulting on ways in which to improve special effects in the show. It has been my pure pleasure to spend some time with the cast and crew here on the outer banks and I look forward to returning later this season to observe the growth born out of their continued hard work.

If you find yourself in relative proximity to the coastal regions of North Carolina or are simply looking for a chance to get away for a weekend and see a beautiful show; spend an evening at The Lost Colony in Manteo, NC. You won’t be disappointed and you can join the ranks of those who have witnessed the “burning girl” of Roanoke Island.

Click here to read an interview with Lost Colony CEO, Bill Coleman, about the return of “burning girl.”


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