In February of 2012, I was asked to revisit my Alma Mater, Florida State University to assist with a production of Ken Ludwig’s Leading Ladies. Having only three days to spend on the project, I gave the actors a quick introductory workshop on the basic principles of stage combat and started choreographing some broadsword play. Making sure the actors understood how to maintain one another’s safety while remaining free to act the scene and be effective storytellers was key in these first hours. Director Stephen Higginbotham was great; allowing me to work hand in hand with the actors to develop a fun, complex, and humorous altercation between the characters. After coaching the scene and pointing out key opportunities for growth in the choreography, I left the actors to their own devices; having appointed a fight captain to continue to monitor throughout the remaining rehearsals and performances. Leading Ladies opens April 13, 2012 and runs until the 22nd in the Augusta Conradi Studio Theatre.