Once again, I have the distinct pleasure of returning to my Alma Mater to choreograph violence and direct movement for this season’s mainstage production of Romeo & Juliet, directed by Carrie Colton. The show will be set in Elizabethan England and will explore themes of childlike innocence and playground bullying in contrast with early onset adulthood as hot-blooded passion breeds dire consequence. This show holds a particularly special place in my heart as it was the first mainstage show I ever performed in at Florida State during my freshman year of college. I assisted then fight director Paul Steger in choreographing the violence and now, ten years later, I return to pay homage to his influence and mentorship.

While in town, I will also provide choreography for the School of Theatre’s production of Cabaret directed by Tom Ossowski. Another talented cast assembles to tell this story in the Lab Theatre November 7th through the 16th.

Romeo & Juliet opens October 16th and runs until the 26th. Tickets for both shows can be bought and more information obtained by visiting the Florida State University School of Theatre website.

*Update* Visit the Media Page to watch an interview discussing the role of a fight director in the show.