In approximately two weeks, the Berea College Theatre Program and Theatre Laboratory will open its production of The Last Musketeer and Other Stories. Adapted from a Swedish comic book series by student director, Galen T. Velonis, the play follows an original musketeer through modern day Paris under the threat of martian attack. Other intriguing plot points include werewolf battles, wild west coffee shop brawls and so many knockouts your head will spin!

Berea College was kind enough to invite me to fight direct this action packed show and to teach a workshop in single sword and unarmed stage combat. Having recently completed the first week of fight rehearsals and the weekend workshop, I will soon return to adapt the fights to the performance space and train the actors in theatrical firearms use for a few instances of live gunfire onstage. The Last Musketeer and Other Stories premieres November 15th and runs until November 17th, each evening at 8 pm in the McGaw Theatre on the Berea College campus.