In February, 2014, Rat Pack Productions and the University of Central Florida hosted the first ever SAFD sanctioned regional workshop in the state of Florida – The Tourist Trap. My friend and colleague Robert Aronowitz and I conceived and coordinated the workshop. Thanks to the generosity of the UCF Theatre Department, we were able to bring over 50 students and a staff of 22 to enhance the stage combat profile of central Florida and solidify the University’s place as a training ground for young actors of all skill types.

Classes were taught in all eight weapons recognized by the Society of American Fight Directors in addition to a number of specialty classes which focused on other types of weapons or how to approach violence from an acting, voice, or physical readiness mindset.

The workshop also served as a testing site for SAFD Skills Proficiency Renewals. While there is not enough time in a single weekend to complete the entire thirty hours needed for a Skills Proficiency Test, students who had previously tested and were looking for an opportunity to brush up and extend their certification for another three years were afforded the opportunity to do so.

Due to the incredible response we had in our first year, we have already begun preparations for next year’s workshop and you may keep up with us by visiting the news portion of this website, The Tourist Trap¬†on Facebook or @ Rat Pack Productions.