So happy to get to see the fight family this past weekend at the A-Town Throwdown in Atlanta, GA. Now in their third year, the Throwdown is an SAFD sanctioned regional workshop coordinated by fellow Certified Teacher David Sterritt. This has been my first year in attendance and while I planned to simply catch up with friends and take a few classes, I was actually afforded the opportunity to teach a class or two when another teacher booked a last minute gig that kept him from attending.

When I wasn’t being thrown around by FM Chuck Coyl in his Advanced Falls and Rolls class, I found myself guest appearing in FM Scot Mann’s class about fighting for profit in entertainment venues like Pirates Voyage where he, myself and AA/C Kelly Mann had all worked earlier in the year. In addition, I taught a class with AA/C Samantha J. McDonald based on escaping precarious engagements in Rapier and Dagger. I also co-taught a smallsword class with Rat Pack member and CT Andrew Dylan Ray, peppering in some of my fine footwork drills; and was able to lend a hand observing Teaching Assistants in their classes that I might offer them some insight on improvement.

Needless to say it was a well received break from the never-ending tourist attraction that is Myrtle Beach and a great chance to work alongside some extraordinary friends and colleagues. Until next year!